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Zhengzhou .City Card

On February 27, a spring rain moistens Zhengzhou. In the rain, Zhengzhou is slowly waking up. [more]

One Belt and One Road Zhengzhou


Flower show 明日開幕!鄭州碧沙崗公園新春蠟梅梅花展等你來

Hosted by Zhengzhou Garden Bureau and undertaken by Bishangang Park, the 2020 plum flower show will be held from January (the 28th day of the 12th lunar month) to February 9, 2020 (the 16th day of the 1st lunar month)

Zhengzhou International 鄭州中大門“O2O線下自提模式”在全國推廣

Zhongdamen is the first and only comprehensive commercial service platform that truly realizes cross-border O2O and offline self-pick-up



Zhengzhou Specialty 鄭州十大歷史名產@中牟大蒜

Zhongmu is a garlic production base which is nationally renowned, and it is known as Known as the hometown of garlic.

Zhengzhou Specialty鄭州十大歷史名產@滎陽柿子

Persimmon in Xingyang City has long enjoyed a good reputation, as a folk adage says “persimmon in Xingyang ranked the first in the country”.

Zhengzhou Discovery


Zhengzhou life 丨鄭州,重拾繁華

The tempo of the city disrupted by the epidemic are beginning to return to normal

Spring in Zhengzhou l 春天來 早櫻開

The spring rain on Monday provide a good choice for the flowers and plants to enjoy a rain bath. In Zhengzhou People's Park, a lot of trees are in blossom with fragrant smell. Even if the residents stay at home and could not go out to enjoy them, they ca

Zhengzhou International 丨境外人員入鄭3月9日起實行“雙報告”制度

To ensure the health and safety of arrivals and their family members,prevent foreign importation of COVID-19 strictly,when the citizens report to the community actively ,they should also Know the status of their relatives and friends that arrivals from ot

Zhengzhou Release



The on-line ancestor worship interactive portal is expected to launch in the middle of march, at that time the vast majority of netizen could visit the website http://www.huangdinet.cn/ or subscribe the Wechat official account“Zhengzhou release” to partic


Notification of Office of Zhengzhou Leading Group of COVID-19 Prevention and Control(No. 21)

Zhengzhou Vision


Zhengzhou Energy 鄭州首例!鞏義新冠肺炎康復患者捐獻血漿

On the afternoon of February 18, Mr.Wang, a recovered patient from 2019 nCoV in Gongyi City, donated plasma at the Henan Red Cross Blood Center.This is the first case in the provincial capital zhengzhou that the convalescent patient donate blood plasma.

Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park丨鄭州園博園四季掠影

The first phase of the Photo Contest organized by Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park and Henan Art Photography Club ends in a satisfactory way.

Pictures Zhengzhou